Thanks to her experience in the retail market, this Brussels-based entrepreneur has developed her own local brand which is created in Antwerp and manufactured in India in artisan workshops. They themselves regularly collaborate with Antwerp jewelers and Belgian designers.

The uniqueness of this wild but wise project : the exclusive use of 14-carat gold. The price is therefore less expensive, but the style is just as strong.

Gaëlle has been active in the market for several years, paying close attention to the most popular pieces and identifying the latest trends.

Unisex and transversal, her designs reflect minimalism and graphic elegance. In an overall spirit of practicality, the earrings' clasps are flat and fastened with screws, for greater comfort and less risk of loss.

The Wild seduces all personalities and resonates with all aesthetic cultures. Gaëlle is an enthusiastic traveler. She perceives and reflects different meanings of beauty. With a sensitivity to modern spirituality, she proposes "grigris", revealing her super interpretation of our little superstitions.

The first series reveals graphic, constructed pieces with trompe-l'œil effects for double earrings. Each product has a solid setting that is resistant to real-life situations.

The white and black diamonds used in the design of The Wild limited series are semi-set on rings and are top quality.

The brand focuses on the essentials, initially offering earrings, piercings and rings in yellow or white gold.